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Check out the Tips from Your Fellow Players !

Taichi Panda: Heroes is a fast-paced action game which features a fairly complicated equipment system and a series of innovative PVP arenas and dungeons. However, it may take some time for players to familiarize themselves with all these functions, and their complexity can be a stumbling block for new players who want to gain an insight into the legends of Nozwot. Luckily, we have collected some useful insights and tips from our skilled players on Facebook to share with everyone. Check it out!



About blood war: you should put the Boss to attack too and put a limit of heroes to use in blood war daily, and have type that rank to win type 1 Place, 2 place and 3 place and with prizes ..
Grand Prix: Should they balance, change the race map and take those "?" Of random powers and put invisible traps and change the prize too, that would help a lot
Server: S1-S2 Luckbringer
IGN: Daaancj®


Grand Prix: It would be nice if you can race and fight with your mount. And if you been killed then make sure you start again at your last checkpoint. Without having to wait in time. Well in equivalent lvs and might together.
Bloodwar: More monsters in the game. And give your own mount attack skills that make more dmg. So you can beat also the stronger players.
IGN: Exo°Predator
SERVER: Eu-s3 betwitcher


War of Blood, my strategy is easy and infallible, I do not waste time fighting other heroes because Usually they take a lot to Die, instead I dedicate myself to killing all the little monsters, and I dedicate myself to try to kill all The Bosses, I can usually score more than all the others who did not use the same strategy, and I keep winning in the first place.





You need on side Kasa and Borik then you use at boss when he have under 10%hp first the kasa, then borik skill after you did that hit so much u can and then you team will get points

Team 1 must be Kasa & Borik. Team 2 can you make how you want, when the boss have under 10% hp then use first the Kasa rare after that use Borik and hit so many you can the Boss. So you Team will get points and you're the Hero!


In bloodwar you just need to go when in the time 2nd World Boss starts. That time you can have easy win
In grandprix , all you need to do is keep running in the middle and avoid the question mark. Better have a purple 2 mount too so you will do fine
IGN : Momongga-sama
AU-S2 : Blood Trial