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November 20 ,2017

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NEWS March 02, 2017

Forest Guardian Update Now Live!

Taichi Panda: Heroes' all new Forest Guardian Update is now live! This update brings us Solwyn, a fierce new hero with some special secret abilities! Heroes can also enjoy a set of new outfits and a new chapter - chapter 18; an achievement system which allows players to take various challenges is added to the game too. This update also brings a bunch of new mounts so players can storm the battlefield like never before!



Nature's Finest Guardian Comes to Nozwot


Solwyn is one of the Elfin protectors of nature, committed to the task of ridding the world of impure and evil forces. She summons the souls of her ancestors to transform into different animals, the different forms that Solwyn can endow her with different skills. Think you can handle the shapeshifting forces of nature? Give Solwyn a shot!



Forge a New Chapter of Your Legend


The Forest Guardian Update extends the level cap to 110 and introduces a new Chapter 18, as well as a series of level-220 equipments. Players now can explore an even more expansive world and make use of enhanced skills & equipment. Battles in Nozwot are going to be even more fierce--time to sharpen your weapons!



Flaunt the Latest Fashion


We love having new Outfits and Mounts to choose from in Nozwot--in fact, we can't imagine an update without them! We've got a fresh set of Hallowed Heroes outfits (a nice throwback to a creepier time of year) as well as three new mounts--Dark Phoenix, Frost Dragon, Fire Dragon. Nozwot's heroes have never had more opportunities to be unique!



Complete List of Forest Guardian Features:


1. New hero: Solwyn


2. New Mounts: Dark Phoenix, Frost Dragon, Fire Dragon


3. Campaign Chapter 18 and Corresponding Quests Now Open


4. Achievements System Now Open


5. New Outfit Set: Hallowed Hero (for Borik, Ryoko, Esadora and Solwyn)


6. Rune Tier-up Function Added


7. 30-Day Privilege Card Added


8. Mount Store Now Available


9. Team, Hero, and Mounts Level Cap Raised to 110


10. Equipment Fortification Level Cap Raised to 220


11. New Treasures Added: Dominator Treasure and Chaotic Treasure