Decorate Your Screen with Nozwot Style Wallpapers (2)

last time we brought you a set of fancy wallpapers featuring Taichi Panda: Heroes' classic figures, and today we've got more of them to share with you, let's take a look!

May 26 ,2017

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NEWS February 17, 2017

Check Out the Exotic New Mounts in the Renegade Explorer Update !

The Renegade Explorer Update introduces a bunch of interesting game contents to Taichi Panda: Heroes, including a new champion General Bu, a new dungeon function and new features like an extended level cap and a new chapter. We have introduced a couple of them on the official website but we haven't had the chance to exhibit any new features on the entertainment content yet. Today we are going to show you the four new mounts in this Update: Neptune, Apollo, Rompus 3000, and Ancient Dragon Crocodile. These unique creatures are super cool and fashionable and they will distinguish you from other players for sure, let's take a look !