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Join the unlimited and intense real-time combat in Desperation Survival Update! As you hack, slash, and blast your way with Lion Heart Roar, the brand new huge and powerf...

November 20 ,2017

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NEWS August 05, 2016

Faction Showdown Update Live


Civilization hangs in the balance and it's up to you to turn the tide! The Faction showdown update is now live, and with it comes more exciting new features than you can shake a bamboo bowstaff at! All of this and more in the new Faction Showdown update for the online Action RPG sensation, Taichi Panda: Heroes!


Join Your Faction!


With the release of the new Faction Showdown update, the heroic adventure through Nozwot reaches a whole new level with the addition of some exciting new features:

New cross-server PvP tournament: Champion's League


Two new playable heroes: Maelor and Orchid


New Faction battlefield mode


Chapter 13 added in game


Ride new mount: Chomper


New Enchant function


Level cap of teams, heroes and mounts raised to 85; Level cap of heroes skills raised to 85; Level cap of equipment enhancement raised to 170


Collect new Constellations to yield attributes


Raid function added to Treasure Instance


Optimizations and bug fixes to existing system



Claim Your Exclusive Title by Collecting National Flags


Players can get a flag title through various ways: irregular gift pack of shop, festival awards or login bonus. No matter what national flag titles you have, as long as it reaches a certain amount, you can claim the title with super attributes!





1. Junior World Traveler (collect 5 flags)

Attribute: Damage Bonus+3%, Damage Reduction+3%, Accuracy Rate+3%, Dodge Rate+3%

2. Intermediate World Traveler (collecte 10 flags)

Attribute: Damage Bonus+5%, Damage Reduction+5%, Accuracy Rate+5%, Dodge Rate+5%

3. Senior World Traveler (collect 15 flags)

Attribute: Damage Bonus+8%, Damage Reduction+8%, Accuracy Rate+8%, Dodge Rate+8%



Update the game on your device today and set off on the Faction Showdown!